Unicorn Game Studios


We're indie game developers, but we always try to make our game become the best. If it isn't the best, that mean it cannot be published. Here is where we'll show you what we finished or what we're doing. Please help us to review them. Enjoy!

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If you're indie game developer like us, you maybe understand that game assets are the most difficult things for indie developers. So, we created some game assets on Unity's Asset Store for you. These assets include 3D models, scripts or Game Starter Kit...

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In this area, we will share all knowledge and all solutions we met when we created games. If you're newbie, you can learn from it, if you're Pro, you can share with us also.

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You're developer or designer, you enjoy to join to work with us. So, you can apply your CV with suitable jobs in here!

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  • About us

    Unicorn Game Studios is a indie studio with 4 members. With almost members have many experiences in game industry, ưe're trying our best to publish many creative, amazing games to players. Our slogan is: "ALWAYS BE AN UNICORN"
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    Unicorn Game Studios

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    Address: Ha Noi, Vietnam

    Telephone: +84915041985

    E-mail: gdmaxcom@gmail.com